24905 County Road 24.75, Hudson CO

This job came to us from Clayton Homes, one of our builder partners.  The owners are building a 4 bed home with possibility of finishing another for 5.  We went ahead and installed a 1500 gallon poly tank. Since the field was pure sand, it only called for 39 total chambers, which we installed in 3 50′ trenches.

Design of system:  TBC Septic

Aggregate Supplier:  NA

Plastic Supplier:  Plastics Inc.

Tank Supplier:  Plastics Inc.  (Infiltrator Tanks)

County: Weld


We began by trenching a 60′ run downhill and installed the 1500 gallon tank perpendicular to the line.  I like installing in fashion on slopes so we can keep the risers at the same length.

mainline weld county septic
mainline weld county septic


Here is a side view.  You can see we had 36″ of risers!


We then trenched 33′ down the hill to a distribution box splitting the effluent into 3 lines with Flow Equalizers.


Here is a shot of 1 of the trenches that hold 13 Infiltrator Chambers.  There are 3 trenches totalling 39 Chambers.


Passed inspection.  We already covered the main line here…


Onto the next one.  Another successful OWTS install from: