13256 Oteo Street, Pine CO

Here is a complex system.  Engineer called for a 1,000 gallon 2 compartment plastic tank specific to a Micro FAST .75 treatment tank, with a 500 gallon dosing tank, equipped with a Universal Bio Tube Pump Vault; pumping to a 480 sq ft  Infiltrator field; mound system.

Design of system:  Colorado Geoscience

Aggregate Supplier:  Martin Marietta

Plastic Supplier:  Plastics Inc.

Tank Supplier:  Plastics Inc.

County: Jefferson

Notice the MicroFAST tank on top of the traditional tank.  This helps effluent evaporate before being treated by the soil.

Vents and controls for the system.



A new Manufactured home from Clayton Homes.  Septic line comes from under the footer.



Pretty nasty decomposing granite.  Here is the start of the bed, with 40 Infiltrators.  They will sit on 2′ of sand.

Infiltrator Bed.


Here is the bed awaiting the sand to be delivered.