45416 Stage Coach Rd, Parker CO

This job came to us from High Plains Sanitation, after it discovered the field was not draining properly. The owners existing concrete tank, a 1250 gallon appear to be in good shape so it remained in the system. We added a 500 gallon pump tank and 4000 square feet of field in 20 100′ trenches.

Design of system:  Colorado Geoscience

Aggregate Supplier:  NA

Plastic Supplier:  Plastics Inc.

Tank Supplier:  Existing tank used with Plastics Inc. Pump Tank by Infiltrators

County: Elbert


1st, we needed to add risers on the existing tank, which appear to be in fine condition.


Next, we excavated for the pump tank. This was a 500 gallon tank with a 1/2 Horse liberty Pump and a SJ Alarm box.


We then had to trench under a fench and out into a horse pasture to connect to the new field.


Let the trenching begin:




We then connect the pipe (2″ PVC with perf holes on 8″).  Everything must be level; like on a pool table.


Next comes the valves. They must be 100% level so an equal amount of efflent is distributed to the system.

Inspections from Engineer and County passed.  We cover and move onto the next.  Another successful system installed by: