2279 Stevens Ct, Castle Rock CO

This system had failed due to an undersized leach field.  The home is a walkout 5 bedroom with a bedroom above the barn. We were able to salvage the existing tank and add a 1000 gallon poly tank and 500 gallon pump tank. This home was mostly on a floodway and there the installation of the field had to be on the side of a hill.

Design of system:  Colorado Geoscience

Aggregate Supplier:  NA

Plastic Supplier:  Plastics Inc.

Tank Supplier:  Plastics Inc.  (Infiltrator Tanks)

Distribution Box Supplier: FLXX

County: Douglas


We began by intercepting the line from the existing field and re routing it toward the loaction of the new tanks.  We installed a 1000 gallon follwed by a 500 gallon poly tank; both by Infiltrators.  A dosing and high water alarm was also added.


We then trenched under a gas line, around a fence, and through some spinker lines, up a hill, and around some trees to a concrete distribution box that was prescribed by the engineer.  We has to measure and cut for many angles for this d-box.


We have to trench 5, 100′ long, 3′ wide lines; on about a 5% slope. Wasn’t fun.  This is the 1st, and easiest one!

Here are 2, 3, and 4.


We passed Engineer and Tri County inspection and were clear to cover.  Off to another one.  Contact us for a quotes on installing or replacing your septic system.