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Soils Testing

The 1st Step to a Long-Lasting System

Soils Testing

The 1st Step to a Long-Lasting System

What for?

A failed Leach Field Area, or Soils Treatment Area (STA) is never any fun.  It creates a mess inside and outside of the house, not to mention the health concerns and the cost of replacement. With that in mind, we want to build the correct system the 1st time.

Every County requires a Soils Classification test in the proposed Soils Treatment Area. We conduct this test to discover the soil type, which uncovers the soils characteristics on percolation of the effluent water through the soil, as well as assisting with the calculations to size the field.  For Example, a sandy loam soil will percolate faster and require a smaller, less sophisticated system.  Where Clay is unfavorable for percolation and requires a larger and potentially more complex system components.

Soils Test

Simple Process:

We meet at the proposed site and discuss locations for the STA. Are the location is agreed upon, we dig two (2) test pits, each at eight feet (8′) deep.  We study the layers of soil and collect samples to take back to out lab for testing.

County Websites:

We are licenced in the following Counties, via the Colorado Professionals in On-site Wastewater to perform Soils Classifications.  Click the County logos to be taken to their respective website for more infomation on Soils Testing.


Soils Test for Leach Field/Drain Field/Soil Treatment Area



  • Site Visit with the Client
  • 2 Test Pits, 8′ deep, with backhoe.
  • Soil collected and evaluated in Lab
  • Applicable County paperwork, site map

***Sites in excess of 50 miles may be charged mileage fee.

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