TBC Design Process

1. Data Collection

We begin by searching through permits & records to find what information is available for the property. This includes reviewing neighboring surveys, soil maps, & aerial photos. The gathering of data prior to meeting our client on site ensures that our designers are informed about your property’s history and unique soil characteristics. 

2. Soils Test

Next, we arrange for a backhoe to meet with us on site for test hole excavation & soil evaluation.  At this time, we do field exploration to find the most suitable and cost-efficient site for the new or repair septic drain field; as well as we collect soil for testing at our lab.

3. Evaluation:

The soils and sites of the most suitable test holes are evaluated, allowing us to develop preliminary recommendations that we then submit to the county. This recommendation typically includes a conceptual design proposal for the health department to do a cursory review of when they visit the site.


4. Application

We prepare all applications and soil evaluations to be submitted to the county. If necessary, we meet county representatives at the site when they go to verify the soils. Once we receive approval from the county, our customer is quickly notified.

5. Design

Our professionals prepare a design that is to be submitted to the county. The county reviews the design, and we make any changes they may require. This site-specific design is rendered with the intent of being most cost-effective while meeting the rigorous requirements of the code.

6. As Built

On all systems, the designer is required to record an As Built record drawing, which entails drawing up on computer-aided design (CAD) all the components, with critical distances to known points referenced for future locates.  Also, the designer, together with the installer, fills out a Onsite System Checklist, which details materials used, model numbers, pump rates, timer settings, etc. for future maintenance reference.  Final approval is sent to the county so they can authorize the final occupancy of the home.


Our goal is to save our client’s money with one stop shopping for all Septic needs. TBC will rebate some or all design fees if the system is installed by us!


$850 (or Free!!!)

  • If the Soils Test results and site plan allow, a Conventional or ‘Gravity system’ is acceptable by the County.
  • The TBC Conventional Design Plan can be used by any installer. (Inspection Fee of $175 if installed by others).
  • Full rebate of $850 if system installed by TBC!!!
  •         Free Inspection Fee if system installed by TBC!!! ($175)

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  • If the Soils Test reveals unfavorable soil, or if the site plan is not conducive for a Conventional Design, an Engineered system with a stamped design will be required by the County.  
  • The TBC Engineered Design Plan can be used by any installer. ($175 Engineer Inspection Fee installed by others).
  • $500 rebate if system installed by TBC!!!
  • Free Engineer Inspection Fee if system installed by TBC. ($175)

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